"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity."

A Holistically Healthy India

"पहला सुख - हो निरोगी काया " - हर भारती में पुनह स्थापित हो

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We are Sukhi Sansar !

Dr. Sushila Sansar Chand Almast Public Welfare Trust (Sukhi Sansar) was founded on 5th May, 2011 at New Delhi, India with Dr Sushrut Almast as the "Founder Trustee".  This trust has been established to realise the noble aspirations of Dr Sansar Chand Almast.However we have added our Dream to his Dream… to see his “Dream Project” become a global healthcare destination.

Our Objectives

1. Promoting preventive healthcare and creating healthcare awareness among all 

2. Providing healthcare services to the economically weaker sections of the society.

3. Promoting Holistic and Integrated Healthcare

The Mool Mantra / Key principle of Sukhi Sansar is “APE” which states that integration of Awareness, Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Effective Execution of Programmes and Policies is the key to achieve rapid and sustainable change.

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